About Us

On the 1st June 2010, Lonsdale London The UK’S Sports Fashion Premium Brand has been launched in Singapore.


Lonsdale London is a sports fashion brand which originated in the UK but is presently expanding quickly in the Asian Pacific Regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Australia. Lonsdale London targets young trendy people between the age of 15 and 35.


Lonsdale began as a boxing clothing and equipment brand in 1960, and quickly attracted the attention of many boxing champions including Muhammad Ali, Henry Cooper and Sugar Ray Robinson. By the mid 60’s the Carnaby ST look had taken over the fashion world for young people and became a mecca for celebbrities such as Paul Mccartney, Anthony Quinn(Zorba the Greek) and Tony Curtis, as well as the boxing fraternity and the general public. In recent years, this includes Angelina Jolie, Oasis, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campell, Paris Hilton and English football superstar Wayne Rooney. Lonsdale’s international expansion accelerated in the 90’s with new markets in Europe and by 1998 Australia. Lonsdale’s sporty looks, great fashion styling and quality soon became very popular. In 2006, first Lonsdale store opened in Singapore, followed by stores in Taiwan and other parts of Asia.


Lonsdale Londan head office in UK wished Lonsdale Singapore and our partners Fresh Approach Pte Ltd very successful in bringing the latest Lonsdale fashion apparel and footwear from the UK to our customers in Singapore.